Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Deutscher Germanistenverband (DGV)

Michael Robert JONES

Geb. 1942, Emeritiert / im Ruhestand, Coleraine, Großbritannien/Nordirland

Neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft - Sprachwissenschaft - Didaktik - Medienwissenschaft - DaF - German Studies (Fachgebiet) - 19th- and 20th-c. German literature; Modern German language, including ab initio; German current affairs (Lehrgebiet)

Anschrift: University of Ulster - University of Ulster - Cromore Road, Coleraine, Co. Derry, Northern Ireland BT52 1SA


Besondere Forschungsgebiete: 19th-c. Realism; Jewishness in German literature; Interactive video applications to language teaching; CALL

Monographien in Auswahl: Blickpunkt Berlin (1987).

Aufsätze und Beiträge in Auswahl: Censorship as an obstacle to the production of Shakespeare on the stage of the Burgtheater in the 19th century (GLL, 1974). Industrialisation and the emergence of Realism in 19th-century German prose (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 1979). Reporting on Germany. Historical perspectives and the contemporary situation (GLL, 1981). Hamlet: the politician of the Vormärz (Quinquereme, 1984). Armer Jakob: Poor Bartleby - a comparative look at Realism in Grillparzer and Melville (Comparison, 1984). Ernst Willkomm - an unknown Realist, in Neglected German Progressive Writers I (ed. T.E. Bourke et al.) (1984). Landeskunde - the product and the packaging (NIMLA, 1984). Ab Initio German - a neglected opportunity, in Oral Skills in the Modern Languages Degree (ed. G. Doble et al.) (1985). German: Citizen of the GDR; current issues of nationality and national identity in the two German states (NIMLA, 1985). Börne, Heine and Shakespeare the Jew, in German-Jewish Authors on Jewishness (ed. T.E. Bourke et al.) (1987). Interactive video using a videotape system, in Neue Technologien und Fremdsprachenausbildung an den Hochschulen (ed. W. Mackiewicz) (1988). The role of interactive video exercises in the communicative classroom (NS, 1988). Interaktives Video im Sprachunterricht: ein Beispiel (Fremdsprachen und Hochschule, 1988). Uses of video in language teaching, in Languages in the 1990s (ed. B. Ó Meadhra et al.) (1989). Course and Curriculum Design: A Case Study of the Ulster Experience, in 'Ab initio' German in Higher Education in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland - Problems and Perspectives (DAAD, 1994). Mit Marx' oder Engels' Zunge reden? - Prejudice and Reality in the Learning of a Second Language, in Interkulturelle Dimensionen der Fremdsprachenkompetenz (ed. E. Ambos) (1996). Potentials and Pitfalls of Complementary Studies Abroad - A Personal Account, in 'Ab initio' Language Learning: A guide to good practice in universities and colleges. The example of German (ed. G. Leder et al.) (1996). Adam von Trott's edition of Heinrich von Kleist's Politische und Journalistische Schriften, in Schein und Widerschein (ed. T.E. Bourke et al.) (1997*)

Zusätzliche Kurzinformationen: BA, MPhil (London)