Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) Deutscher Germanistenverband (DGV)

Malcolm Edward HUMBLE

Geb. 1943, St Andrews, Großbritannien/Nordirland

Neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft - Sprachwissenschaft (Fachgebiet) - 19th- and 20th-c. German language and literature (Lehrgebiet)

Anschrift: University of St Andrews - Department of German, University of St Andrews - Buchanan Building, The University, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9PH


Besondere Forschungsgebiete: Literature of the Weimar Republic and exile (1933-1945); GDR literature

Monographien in Auswahl: (with R.S. Furness) An Introduction to German Literature 1871-1900 (1994). (with R.S. Furness) A Companion to Twentieth Century German Literature (1991, 21997).

Aufsätze und Beiträge in Auswahl: Early British interest in Nietzsche (GLL, 1971). Zum Stereotyp des Deutschen in der englischen Literatur und des Engländers in der deutschen Literatur, in Deutsche Sektion der Fraternité Mondiale (1973). The breakdown of a consensus: British writers and Anglo-German relations 1900-1920 (JES, 1977). Brecht and posterity: the poets' response to the poet (MLR, 1979). The stylisation of history in Brecht's Der aufhaltsame Aufstieg des Arturo Ui (FMLS, 1980). Zarathustra's return: two novels by Michael Georg Conrad and Carl Bleibtreu and the contemporary reception of Nietzsche (GLL, 1980). Leon Feuchtwanger's Erfolg: The Problems of a Weimar Realist, in Weimar Germany: Writers and Politics (ed. A.F. Bance) (1982). Hermann Kant, in The Writer and Society in the GDR (ed. I. Wallace) (1983). Myth and ideology in Franz Fühmann's König Ödipus (FMLS, 1984). 'How trivial is Trivialliteratur?' The exploitation of the Nazi past in the British and American bestseller since 1945, in Anglistentag Passau. Vorträge (ed. M. Pfister) (1985). Brecht and Posterity. A Poem and its Reception (NGS, 1986/87). Liberty and/or equality: the theme of the French Revolution in German literature of the twentieth century (FMLS, 1989). Changing attitudes to the Prussian Monarchy as reflected in poems addressed to Friedrich Wilhelm IV (MLR, 1990). Pandora's box. The rehabilitation of the witch and the siren in Irmtraud Morgner's Amanda (FMLS, 1992). Anti-Nazi Satire by German-speaking exiles: developing strategies in the practice of a problematic genre (FMLS, 1994). Eberhard Hilscher's Die Weltzeituhr: GDR literature without inhibitions (GMon, 1997). Nietzsche and Modernism in Britain, Ireland and America, in Modernism (ed. J.P. Bier) (*).

Zusätzliche Kurzinformationen: MA, PhD (Cantab)